Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

Dear Lost Darlings, much like a destitute mother abandoning her new born baby in a dilapidated doorway in a harrowing howl of despair: Ms Coco LaVerne turned her formidable attention away from your infantile and suffocating demands. Momentarily this Goddess was smothered by your inability to act as sentient intelligent beings; she was overwhelmed by your fumbling faltering failings, by your perpetual persistent and perfectly formed pathetic presence on this planet! Your Ms Coco LaVerne, much like the fictitious comments infamously made by Queen Marie Antoinette, suggested that you wallow in your self-made mire without empathy for the context of your sanguineous suffering. She allowed you to wander in the woeful wilderness, frozen and alone. 

Despite this apparent disregard for your well-being Ms Coco LaVerne was constantly aware of your existence, of the tittle-tattle that distracted you from self exploration and improvement. Though aware of her extremely few limitations; in a dramatic turn of her six inch heels, Ms Coco LaVerne is committing her most wondrous self to assist you once more. However on this newly regenerated blog amongst blogs Ms Coco LaVerne will not be alone, Ms LaVerne is in the midst of gathering helpful minions, enabling their tiny insignificant voices a glamorous location to be heard.

These ‘LaVernians’ will offer their burgeoning wisdoms on this very blog. Carefully selected chosen commentators will have the honour of frequently offering their articles for your perusal, others will be deemed worthy of just one miraculous appearance. Some of you may wish to be welcomed into the arms of this esteemed grouping, to be associated with Ms Coco LaVerne will be an honour you dare to dream, a plaudit that seems beyond your limited abilities, though this assumption may not be true. Ms Coco LaVerne is reincarnated as a humble servant to your good selves, as a guardian to your feeble minded musings on the world in which you live. 

Are you worthy of such reward?

Much Belated Love Ms Coco LaVerne