Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Thrones of Power

My Dearest Darlings as economic and ecological disaster rapidly approaches, your democratic processes appear to be exposing your mental health and your severe lack of astuteness at this time of impending global crisis; this is distressingly revealed in your selection of those you place in positions of power, those you hope will steer you away from looming catastrophe.

At the recent handover from Beijing to London at the Olympic Games the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson stood on a world stage wrestling with the flag of the Olympiad, he looked rather like a toddler attempting to fly a kite; bellowing in the wind and at twice his size the auspicious standard seemed likely to take to the air at any moment dragging the bemused blonde into the gathered crowds, (though admittedly the other be-suited officials also failed to impress) Mr Johnson later went on to eccentrically rant about the origin of ping-pong and its apparent birthplace on the dinner tables of England. His unkempt appearance and eccentric demeanour present a personification of Britain’s current self image. It seems that in your ‘wisdom’ you have decided to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ unsurprisingly you feel utterly disheartened by your current political choices, rather than endorse a personification of regality you have decided to place the court- jester on your throne. Like an awkward uncle at a family gathering Boris Johnson is able to embody embarrassment to an astonishing degree, as the nervous laughter on faces of the officials in the background of his recent appearance painfully depict, every public appearance by Boris Johnson brings the city of London and by default the UK teetering on the edge of global humiliation.

Boris the blundering buffoon continues the disturbing tradition of an apparently harmless eccentric ascending to a position of power, a tradition the US has spectacularly displayed over the last eight years with the incredibly unfortunate President George W Bush from titillating diplomatic blunders to calamitous and misguided war efforts it seems in times of mass panic you employ politicians most like your demented uneducated selves rather than choose to represent the best that your piteous species has to offer.

The current presidential campaign may appear to be presenting a more satisfactory candidate in Barak Obama who at least embodies some presidential glamour though not unlike Tony Blair in the UK of ‘97 America’s last hope if elected may also fail to deliver as glamorousness and likeability do not guarantee the quality of the man. The manipulation and utilisation of glamour as a weapon in politics is perhaps the most powerful asset to any arsenal. The glamorous have the ability to seduce, enchant and convince; their words promising to be truly authentic and honourable.

The blunderer may appear to be the antonym of the glamorous though somewhere in between lays the truly gifted politician and champion of humanity. In the UK you have let those loved few slip through your fumbling fingers Tony Benn and Mo Mowlam stand out as truly authentic leaders that failed to gain the power they deserved though perhaps it is their willingness to step aside to enable the more power hungry to exceed to the thrones of The Palaces of Westminster that demonstrate their truly noble characters.

Sadly for you in your despicable civilisation it seems the most ambitious and conniving are guaranteed to place their ample buttocks on the generously upholstered seats of power, though you only have yourselves to blame as lethargy and stupidity paralyse your minds to the true power you have, the democratic voting system though occasionally flawed is a reflection of your society and perhaps augmented has the potential to transform your failing world, sadly until you utilise this you will probably blindly drift towards Armageddon!

Much Love as Always Ms Coco LaVerne x