Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama!

My Dearest Darlings, it is of course a momentous time. As the American population emerges from its self imposed slumber there is at last promise of a bright new president, a welcome alternative to the utterly repugnant, ridiculously stupid, notoriously ignorant; President George W. Bush.

Obama has utilised his intelligence, youthful good looks and undeniable appeal to successfully seduce and beguile a cynical globe tired of the rhetoric of fear perpetuated by the Republicans. Today Obama is touched by the romantic aspirations of fresh new love. You will predictably gaze adoringly into the eyes of the man you believe to be ‘the one’, Obama will never again seem as handsome and unblemished as he does today! His words will never seem as heartfelt and genuine, his dreams will never be more like your dreams.

You hope his achievements will be numerous and that his promise of change will come to fruition though his first and most important achievement is becoming the first black President of The United States of America. Never before has such a commanding symbol of cultural transformation come to power. There is now an alternative aspirational role model for the black population of the world, at last a convincing substitute to the gun toting, bitch slapping stereotype so unfailingly perpetuated by your popular culture. Admittedly there have been small steps towards changing these stereotypes, just this week Lewis Hamilton became the youngest and first black Formula 1 Champion, a worthy achievement of course, though sport has long been one of the few sanctioned domains of young black men, in athletics and basketball massive success is almost expected, creating its own peculiar stereotype. Despite the outgoing Presidents blatant and embarrassing ineptitudes the American presidency still has a significance that outshines most others. President Obama will become ‘leader of the free world’.

Here in the UK you will remain cautious as you have previously fallen for similar optimism, when Tony Blair gained power in the 1997 election his promises were grandiose and idealistic though the British have more cynical hearts, often reluctant to fall too deeply in love. When your optimism turned to disappointment the savvy amongst you suspected as much. Blair’s government was just another governed by white middle class men who easily gain the power and continue to dishearten and deceive.

Obama’s legacy will at the very least be the visually iconic achievement of being the first black man to sit at the Oval Office, a massive tectonic cultural change unimaginable just a decade ago. I for one wish Obama and America well and hope that the damage done by blundering George W. Bush can be repaired. Domestically it will be a challenge, internationally it will take innovation and commitment though it appears that Obama has the glamour and wit to achieve the miraculous.

Much will be said and many comments will be made over the next months, though today, for once, I choose to suspend my disgust with humanity and dare to hope that you can do better. All that is necessary is a sprinkle of unbridled child-like optimism and the assistance of a magnificently glamorous and inspirational beacon, though enough about me; this is President Barack Obama’s day.

Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne x