Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Darlings, I have been asked by many since this eloquent and witty blog began what the amazing Ms Coco LaVerne thinks of Kerry Katona. I have pondered the wisdom of commenting on such a person but feel a responsibility to my public.

To most of you who blindly clamour for societal reassurance I can see why Kerry Katona would be of interest. She has lived the ‘dream’, she came from extremely humble beginnings and became a member of a pop group and has since had success in reality television. This, one assumes has given the unfortunate girl some financial stability.

What troubles me about this particular ‘personality’ is that she appears to be somewhat unhinged, a victim in a whirlwind of marketing and hype that she is not equipped to deal with. I have not seen the show the above image promotes (and have no plans to) but have unfortunately seen Kerry Katona on various TV shows trying to generate the publicity such a project demands. Her slurred and garbled diction I fear are not just the result of her limited education but I sense are symptomatic of some kind of sustained drug use. Whether it is the after effects of her well documented past or more recent exposure to narcotics I am of course unaware. Though the result is a demolished person.

To add to the dread of the saga the accompanying campaign for ‘Crazy in Love’ (above) is extremely disturbing. The make-up, lighting and styling has clearly been undertaken by the deranged lunatics inhabiting the faux mental asylum the image is attempting to lampoon. But in showing this woman in bondage, pregnant and tethered to her partner, Kerry Katona is depicted visually ensnared within a prurient culture ready to feast on her entrapment and inevitable decline. I only hope that the imagery of the promotion does not prove to be prophetic as well as aesthetically offensive.

Of course my heart goes out to the poor lost darling, she like so many of you are under the impression that fame is the route to glamour and immortality, sadly for you it is only the truly magnificent that can achieve such status. My loves, invest in your brains, read and learn and think it is only then that you will become well rounded individuals with anything remotely interesting to contribute to the world.

With love and unswerving optimism

The Amazing Ms Coco LaVerne x