Wednesday, 19 March 2008


My Dearest Darlings, I despair at your constant interest in the ineptitudes of those such as Heather McCartney whose decline into derangement personifies the insanity of a world obsessed with wealth and material gain. This woman who disguises her astonishing selfishness behind a smoke screen of ‘charity’ work is the physical embodiment of the hypocrisy virulent in the world you toil in.

Heather McCartney became a celebrity on the back of a catastrophe, one of the ‘many famous for being famous’ personalities that are splashed over the front pages of the gutter press and that continue to constipate the back passages of the ‘broad sheets’. Heather McCartney managed to transform her personal disaster into a one woman campaign, from promoting the supply of better artificial limbs to the prevention of the live skinning of dogs and cats. She claimed to be using her ‘celebrity’ for the power of good, an altruistic woman on a quest to better the world.

Though something in her delivery didn’t sit right, rather than resemble a genuine heartfelt plea for universal betterment her endeavour seemed fuelled by misplaced resentment. Her stony deportment frequently cracked allowing the rage that simmered beneath the surface to escape and taint the purity of her multiple causes.

She now pitifully grumbles that her daughter may have to experience a slightly less luxurious lifestyle than her ex-husband the multi-millionaire Paul McCartney. She no longer protests at the struggles of the ‘haves and the have nots’ she now fights for the rights of the ‘I don’t have as much as him’. Rather humiliatingly Heather has publicly revealed herself. It is clear that her drive toward a better world did not originate from a sincere vocation to end disparity between the citizens of Earth. Her revelation depicts the motivations of a woman who personifies envy.

Envy is the driving force of Capitalism as it motivates you to desire and crave more. It relies on the fact that every single one of you is profoundly and utterly dissatisfied with who you are and in contemporary culture this tends to be defined by what you own. Your drive to acquire relies on the deception that you will be deemed as ‘successful’ when you are seen to have the ‘right’ belongings and hence the approval of the masses. Capitalism defines what success is, as long is this continues success will be deemed as the attainment of possessions, wealth and fame. The alternative definition of success should be based on the achievements gained as a result of a true vocation for self improvement. Ones goal my loves should be, to be the best you can be given the immense limitations bestowed upon you by your ancestors.

Heather McCartney inexplicably wanted to be identified as saviour to the needy though society intuited that she was and is deluded, her outrage over the perceived inequity within her divorce settlement startlingly proves this. Whilst this self proclaimed ‘charity’ champion craves personal luxury Heather McCartney is unaware of the irony as she simultaneously protests that she is treated unjustly by the world and its press. So hypocritical Heather is lost, miles away from her true self she squirms and squeals beseeching the masses, pleading for the acceptance she yearns for.

The moral for you all is to be truthful and authentic; Heather convinced herself that in order to achieve success and to be loved, she needed to do ‘good’, though she is not by nature a ‘do-gooder’. If she revelled in her true self then you would learn to love the realness of her greed as this is what motivates the vast majority of you. It is Capitalism that seduces you, my poor sweet souls, into a sense of perpetual discomfort. A niggling sense of unease it is promised, can be assuaged by the purchase of highly priced items, My Darlings a shinier bag, a faster car or a bigger house will not complete you, it will only make you struggle harder in the job you loathe. As you fumble in the darkness to find meaning in the never ending hell that is your lives, I ask you to look within. To covet the life and wealth of others simply distracts you from your own personal journey to be the best version of your despicable selves.

With Love Ms Coco LaVerne x