Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Weapons of Mass Distortion

Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard
My Dearest Darlings it has been far too long since my last post and I fear your lives have sunk into further depths. But unfortunately for you I have been spending some time on other projects, spreading my magnificent self too thinly as usual. So please do forgive my prolonged absence. I promise to tend to my blog more thoroughly from this day forth.

So to my current obsession; in my extended absence I see that you have been killing eachother. My feelings for you though verging on disgust continue to be a somewhat remote affection so it pains me to see you killing one another. This kind of behaviour is terribly bad form, though in my wisdom I am able to decipher some of the reasons for this social disorder that appears to be escalating into a global tragedy.

The humble knife has become as dangerous and controversial as a hand- grenade. One minute you’re finely chopping a spring onion the next you’re crazily brandishing a deadly weapon. It is perhaps the mundane nature of this utensil that makes the problem all the more unsettling, how can something so everyday, so regular, so common-place, in a heartbeat become an object capable of such impact?

It is perhaps the desire to escape from your humdrum existence that lies at the heart of your malady. Escapism is a wonderful thing it enables you to forget your daily toils and fantasise about a better more powerful embodiment of your selves. Where as my preferred aesthetic is the wondrous embodiment of femininity there are some who see their dreams fulfilled in the performance of masculinity. The unfortunate amongst you misinterpret the pinnacle of womanhood as a drunken scantily clad sexual predator, the alternate gender stereotype and apparently the pinnacle of masculinity is the beer guzzling sex obsessed Neanderthal whose brashness and bravado knows no bounds.

It is fashionable to blame the entertainment industry for such things, as the glamorisation of violence is likely to remove you from the realities of experiencing physical attack. Hollywood A-listers are able to bounce back from bare knuckle fist-fight, gunfire and knife attack as easily as if they had knocked their funny bone on the corner of the kitchen table. Though sadly this is far from the truth, a single plunge from a sharpened blade can swiftly end the life of a vibrant youngster with consequences that ripple through your broken friends and family.

Though to lay the blame at Hollywood’s door is far too simplistic. As your governments scrabble for quick-fix solutions to the perceived tidal wave of street crime perpetuated and sensationalised by your prurient media the solution is as clear as day to my good self and lies at the heart of my foundation and remains the catalyst and motivation for every word I write on this beautiful blog.

Your socially detached governments and objectionable over emotional media drive insidious wedges between you, exaggerating your differences rather than celebrating your oneness, the powers that be perpetuate the notion that you must live in fear from one another rather than embrace your disfranchised outlaws. There is no ‘them and us’ there is just you, yes YOU! Society as one, a mass of pleading desperate souls, all striving for betterment and escape.

As the alienated drift further from the ‘norm’ your desperation increases creating an inexplicable fear and dread of a powerless and empty life, who can blame you for feeling this way, invisible other than the objectified ‘chav’ you feel the need to act out your silent frustration on the streets. The only place that you are visible the only method of impacting on your world is through intimidation, violence and conflict.

Surely the solution is to make your daily lives less unbearable, as then your need to violently escape its torments will be assuaged. Better to heal the fractures in society rather than disguise them, only then will you be on the way to an improved world. Hear eachothers pleas for understanding and empathy, help one another aspire and achieve your goals to fully embody your potential. It is with small unwavering steps that this can be achieved.

I believe that you must cleverly invest in your youth, not just in money but in time, understanding and love, with proper boundaries and responsibilities infused in your babes from the first day your precious bundle of joy escapes the confines of the womb.

The specificities and details are up to you and you alone!

With love and sympathy the simply breathtaking Ms Coco LaVerne x