Monday, 26 April 2010

Dark Forces!

A charming face of the Catholic Church

My Dearest Darlings, political correctness is something of a broad and well disguised mine field with combustible clusters of incendiary devices set to obliterate the dumb founded at a moment’s notice scattering the limbs of the mentally challenged across a field quickly drenched with the blood of the unintelligent. Not only are the privileged few often too ignorant to refrain from making obscene and offensive remarks to the less better off the goal posts on this field of nightmares constantly shift and move making the uninterested unable and often unwilling to contemplate compromise of any sort.

The recent controversy surrounding the Papal visit to Britain is practically dripping with hypocrisy just a couple of weeks ago Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone a senior aide to Pope Benedict suggested that research revealed a proven a link between paedophilia and homosexuality a statement so devastatingly ridiculous that it would be laughable if weren’t taken so seriously by the worlds media. As a result whole gamuts of the dim witted will have the heinous association perpetuated in their tiny minds, making it even more difficult for the young and confused to become full and well rounded versions of their true gay selves for a fear of being associated with the sick and twisted sexual exploitation of your young and innocent children.

The right minded quickly reacted with outrage though with little effect, the church remains a citadel at the heart of your culture despite its many outrageous comments and actions, from protecting the various priests that abuse your children from blaming the degradation of human kind on any of the actions that many of you regularly indulge in from sex before marriage to the use of condoms.

A recent ‘joke’ e-mail accidentally released by a civil service employee to the media suggested that the popes forthcoming visit be made up of various inappropriate activities far removed from the popes chosen duties including singing a duet with the queen, opening an abortion clinic and relaeasing a papal brand of condoms. True to form the Catholic Church threatened to pull out of the visit to Britain due to the huge offense caused by a ludicrously minor furore created by such a memo. Forcing a David Milliband to make a ‘grovelling’ apology! An aide to the pope said that ‘dark forces’ were at work in the British government. Ironic? Yes!

And so it goes on, those in positions of power haggle over who compromises, losing all humour in the process, when it really matters those sweeping generalisations made by the organisations in the world barely register the damage that is done. In your ‘push-me-pull-you’ society goes on and on and it is those that shout the loudest who win the battle of righteousness! A battle that no one will win. A battle that alas whilst power struggles continue will dominate your society and result in you all coming completely undone! I do not to struggle as I know of my strength and beauty though I do not need to persuade and cajole or demean and undermine those that surround me; I am simply content in my magnificence! You simply do as you wish, just allow me to do as I wish!

With Love Ms Coco LaVerne x