Monday, 19 April 2010

Eruption Disruption!

My Dearest Darlings, I have been an absent friend, busily focusing on other important projects that I suspect would be far from your limited interests, suffice it to say that if and when your attention is required I shall endeavour to inform you, those astute of you will already know the lengths that I go to, to exist in this world of indifference and lethargy though despite myself I intend on returning to your world.

Since my absence many stories have filtered through to my mysterious and luxurious haven, some new popular figures have reared their heads, some worthy of mention others of course, not!

Currently the media is focused on one main story; the volcanic Icelandic ash cloud drifting over Europe has dominated the airwaves, filling the airspace the planes have left with mundane stories of augmented travel arrangements. It is admittedly a hugely significant incident the streak free blue skies of London momentarily devoid of noise and pollution. As thousands of you heroically taxi your way across Spain or sail from coast to coast you may begin to ponder the possibility of a world areoplane free! What a shock this would be to your life styles, no more weekend breaks overseas no more cheap air travel at the expense of the planet. I wonder the effects to the environment such a hiatus of air flight may have. I would imagine it can only be a good thing, unsurprisingly the only way the media can quantify such loss of plane travel is through a expense, a million pounds a minute is being lost to the economy, and the poor air line companies are taking the velvet lined designer caps to the government seeking hand outs to help them deal with this ‘Act of God’!

I have no sympathy for the multinational companies that have milked the masses for gargantuan profits, I have no sympathy for those of you rich enough to hop to foreign shores to sun your bloated bodies on sun drenched beaches littered with lobster red star worshippers. I have no sympathy for those of you that have dragged your toddlers across ponds and oceans simply to brag to your friends and neighbours that you have taken little Tarquin or Tabatha on their first foreign trip; a boast that simply validates your identities as sophisticates or culture vultures consumed with ticking off this or that land mark of your global ‘to-do’ lists.

It amuses me that luxury has become so common place that as soon as it is threatened you are all panicked into hysteria, a hysteria based on decades of molly coddling. Spare a thought I ask you for all the aid missions to Haiti that now barely make the news, all the key workers often volunteering abroad! As usual it is the ‘plight’ of the middle classed that makes headlines not the life and death struggles of those non-white peoples in foreign climes.

In the meantime enjoy your jet stream free summer skies in your relative luxury whilst the millions abroad struggle to feed their own.

With Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne x