Sunday, 1 November 2009

With Love from Me to You!..

The Letter below is to be read as part of this event, at the James Taylor Gallery in London Especially written for the attending audience the sentiments can easily be transferred to you my dear readers. The letter will be read in my absence by the beautiful Cinzia Cremona.

"My Dear Sweet Darlings, I send you this letter from my lofty locale with the intention of communicating my heartfelt affection for you. The select and precious few here now present are hoping to learn more about the nature of love. Love is a complex and contradictory conundrum which baffles and befuddles even the most academic and enlightened of you.

Some theorists have supposed that what is needed to maintain a true and unending love is the temporary suspension of your mutual disgust. It is this cunning trick of evolution that enables you to ignore the hideous deformities that undoubtedly fester on the faces of your nearest and dearest, this temporary suspension of clarity enables you to fornicate wildly to the point of climax whilst happily overlooking the repugnance of your lover.

Though the admiration I have for you is not the base lust of body and form but of a higher love for your deeply buried and mysterious potential, I am miraculously able to ignore the filth of your cities, that over flow with the wrappings of the endless junk that you greedily stuff into your gaping mouths. I do not gaze upon your pavements which are smeared with the faeces of your canine companions. Your track-suited offspring that run a muck; spreading hate through your crumbling streets do not attract my attention. I can forgive the minority of you that are filled with hate and anger and rage as I see that this is the opposite of your truest selves.

Instead in my distant remoteness I am able to see you clearly, more clearly than you see yourselves. The mundane and banal details of your life do not interest me, I only see the fullness of your potential, I see only the gleaming possibility shining from your curious eyes. I in my unending wisdom am able to turn my head away from the innumerable base functions of your bestial selves and instead gaze upon the purity that you once possessed.

In listening to these words written by an embodiment of glamour that you can barely comprehend you must wonder what you have done to deserve such generosity from such a distant and beautiful soul. All you really need to know is that I am a better version of you. I have insight and knowledge of your world that can only be gleaned by being desired and vilified simultaneously. I have been celebrated and chastised by your sickening culture and as a result am able to view your world from within and above.

I am Ms Coco LaVerne a fledgling glamour-puss and international Icon ready willing and able to bring back beauty and purity of heart. Despite my overwhelming revulsion for the human race I suspect that you are amongst the few illuminated souls who seek solace in the knowledge that you are now, no longer alone. I hope that with my unending and sincerest love I will enable you to take control, aspire to be more, to be more beautiful, to be more elegant, as I believe that to be true personifications of humanity one must project an image of serenity and calm, of wisdom and harmony, of understanding and tolerance.

My Dearest Darlings, believe that despite your many patent fallibilities and your occasional indifference that I, Ms Coco LaVerne will be a constant unyielding source of wisdom, tolerance and support.

With Love the Incredible Ms Coco LaVerne."