Monday, 18 May 2009

Machiavellian Players

My Dearest Darlings, For what seems like months the Daily Telegraph have been throwing information grenades into media newsrooms. Obediently the rolling news channels have run very little else other than the 'shocking' revelations that your 'treasured' MP's have been stretching their expenses claims to an almost comical extent. From swimming pools and heli-pads to chandeliers and penthouse apartments all manner of luxuries have been paid for by you. Of course this is at least corruption and yes it is outrageous that these politicians exploit your pilfered pennies so blatantly, though I am suspicious.

The right-wing newspaper at the centre of the revelations is drip feeding the media these stories on a daily basis, each day a platoon of new victims is placed in the gallows for public humiliation, each embarrassing over-claimant is seen wriggling incoherently, attempting to defend themselves by claiming ignorance or blaming the faulty system. This daily onslaught continuously chips away at what little remains of your faith in these, your public servants. As a result the baying crowds grow angrier, outraged that these humble states-people are living a life luxurious whilst you scrimp and save.

Though as Parliament crumbles it is you that should take stock. Journalists yet again have set themselves up as judge, jury and prosecutioner, though like you they are all free from blame, from unpaid bills to 'borrowing' the odd paper clip from the office you all are used to stretching the rules to make the most of your feeble existences. I doubt there is a single one of you that could stand up and proclaim never to have 'managed' the odd perk. This is not to say that these MP's are guilt free, just that this whole campaign has received so much attention simply because of its slow release. Stephen Fry the beloved presenter, writer, comedian and general 'clever clogs' sums it up perfectly click on the image of Mr Fry below.

...You see my point! The ubiquitous coverage has concealed a multitude of other more worthy stories most of which you will know nothing about as they have sunk beneath the media radar never to resurface simply because the press hacks are completely consumed with scuttling after every Machiavellian Player in this sorry saga.

For example you may have failed to notice that a hugely important cultural event unfurled this weekend, Norway won The Eurovision Song Contest! I jest of course, you know all about this 'important' story. Yet almost nothing about the fact that just down the road from The Eurovision Song Contest arena participants of a gay pride march where being arrested for demonstrating against the human rights violations of gay Russians. This demonstration against homophobia took place the the day before IDAHO the “International Day Against Homophobia”. May 17th is a day designed to raise awareness of global homophobia, this could have presented an ideal opportunity to talk about the terrible killings of gay Iraqis: “There have been reports from Iraq by Al-Arabiya media of anal glue torture on Iraqi gays. Human rights activist Yanar Mohammad said that the torture involved the use of glue on the anus to seal it. The men are then given a drink to cause diarrhoea, which then kills them.” for the full story click here:

Ironic that whilst this famously camp and ridiculous competition was being won by a rather handsome Norwegian youth with undoubted gay appeal, the rights of gay people across the globe are omitted from popular culture. Though such is your preference for nonsensical frippery and diversion from issues of importance.

With Love as Ever, Ms Coco LaVerne x