Thursday, 7 May 2009


My Dearest Darlings, Occasionally I admit that I despair for your race, it never ceases to amaze me how completely you obsess over your own derisory selves, all focus is on your own superficial contentment, hardly a thought is given to those outside your own often limited and claustrophobic inner circle. Unless of course they happen to be some brain numbingly dull 'celebrity' who is, like you only concerned with the total quenching of their own gargantuan appetites. In a world drenched in instant self gratification it is simply breathtaking when any member of your narcissistic society dares to explore the experience of a fellow human being.

So when a rare and gleaming example of such a citizen emerges I take immense pleasure in highlighting their achievements. Such is the case with the wonderful Joanna Lumley. The unfurling saga is summarised here, I do not need to regurgitate the details for you, unless you are indeed one of the many navel gazing nincompoops I refer to above. And even you are I am sure familiar with Joanna Lumley's career. Suffice it to say that this actress and personality has single handedly shone a very bright and exposing light into the dark corridors of parliament, forcing the ministers into a perplexing state of discombobulation and befuddlement! Such is the unending power of a beauty with brains.

What Ms Lumley represents is a lost and vastly underrated generation of women who simultaneously embody glamour, sophistication and intelligence. Joanna Lumley represents a Kirsty Allsop, Nigella Lawson sort of femininity which comforts the suburban middle classes, it reminds of a bygone era of decency and restraint that has been usurped by the popularity of reality TV stars and the 'Nouveau Riche', such as Katie Price or Victoria Beckham or some other vacuous dullard who has somehow managed to stumble into the limelight. I ask all young women reading to look at Joanna Lumley, now she is someone to aspire to, she is a beautiful mature woman, passionate and resourceful endearing and warm. Wholeheartedly worthy of praise and admiration.

Pundits are already contrasting her political canniness and triumph with the blunders and failures of Gordon Brown this week, once again it takes the breezy and brightly intelligence to undermine the stuffy and farcical workings of our 'democratic' system.

Hurrah, for Joanna Lumley!

Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne X