Friday, 5 June 2009

The Vote

My Dearest Darlings, This week is jam packed with demonstrations of the democratic process or so it would seem. Last weekend Britain's Got Talent, was not one won by Susan Boyle, it was only a matter of time before the putrid press turned on the woman, headlines on the days preceding the final depicted Ms Susan Boyle as a harridan, a banshee on the loose, a mad woman attacking police and the public with a deranged hate in her eyes. Her eccentric behaviour that once endeared her to you has now been turned against her, she is no doubt now locked in a room away from sharp implements, violently rocking back and forth sobbing until the whole sorry saga subsides. As she jumped and frolicked live on stage in front of millions her unusual depiction of femininity challenged the 'Old Wifey' stereotype that been allocated to her. Obediently and as instructed by the procurer's of The Papers you no longer adore her. Depressingly the media's sway apparently knows no bounds.

The drip feeding of 'sensational revelations' regarding your Members of Parliament continue and as a result your faith in politics has been shaken! Consequently many of you have decided to through out your brains with the bath water and vote for those that are not represented in government, and now representatives of the BNP are eagerly rubbing their plump and ugly little trotters at the prospect of gaining real power. How terribly unfortunate a prospect that is! It is at times like these when the major parties bicker and argue amongst themselves that hideous little organisations with grossly warped notions of fairness can slip through the back door into the halls of government.

If I believed the press where capable of such cunning I might be tempted to believe that this was an elaborate conspiracy. A warped plan to disrupt the normal processes of democracy and to encourage the public to doubt every one of their politicians motivations and consequently desperately pronounce their allegiances towards anyone but the three main parties. Though of course I am sensible enough to doubt such a plan exists. It is much more likely that the press are simply and nonchalantly destroying your dwindling faith in politics simply because they can. Just as they esteem then demean the meek with no regard for the consequences.

As The Cabinet crumbles and the country turns blue even I fear the future, will your country be returned to the clutches of the Conservatives that denied the existence of community and closed copious amounts of schools and hospitals during the eighties and nineties. I know not, alas whilst the press persist in decrying the hallowed democratic process you resemble orphaned toddlers seeking parental advice, blinking and bewildered you seek guidance from the most inappropriate sources. You naivety may lead you into the path of a passing stranger who innocently offers you sweets and treats, though you will of course regret such a decision as so many of you have before.

Ridiculously whilst most turn away from the real-life political process Big Brother has once again launched and you will undoubtedly rush to place your votes for whichever brain-free wannabe you decide to invest your viewing time in. Such is your bizarre and complex relationship with your right to vote.

Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne x