Monday, 6 July 2009

Make LOVE not WAR!!

My Dearest Darlings, sexuality is a deeply complex and personal issue, an issue I wouldn't dream of judging you on, as long as your love is between consenting adults what business is it of mine to judge you. In your world of hate and war and judgement and violence all that matters to Ms Coco LaVerne is that you can occasionally escape the horrors of your lonely existential angst and fall deeply in love with a befitting adult who loves your flawed and deplorable selves.

In London this weekend homosexuals gathered to celebrate Pride a festival which began as a political movement to end the decriminalisation of homosexuality, thankfully in most countries this battle has been won, though homophobia is rife and gay people are still kicked to the ground and killed for the propensity to love those of the same sex. So when the Bishop of Rochester asked this week for gay people to repent their sins he appears to be suggesting that a version of love that differs from his own is so abhorrent, that it should be associated with shame, repentance, despair and intolerance.

Alas the celebration of a sexuality may be an alienating idea to those not a member of that sexual preference. Questions of motivation and propensity fill the mind when sexuality is complex, though I, as you would expect allow you your preference whatever it may be, though my permission is as irrelevant as my opinion on what ice cream flavour you prefer. Those amongst you that judge others for their sexual propensities are in my esteemed opinion utterly devoid of even the slightest amount of intelligence.

And That My Loves is That!....

With Love Ms Coco LaVerne! x