Friday, 24 July 2009

Gossip Girl!

My Dearest Darlings well it seems to have been a good day for the famous to be found not guilty of various wrong doings, of course I know not of the details though I'm sure the extortionately expensive and prized legal teams had nothing to do with both Amy Winehouse and some footballer being found completely innocent of bad behaviour. It is good for them to have their treasured reputations returned to them after such humiliating public trial.

I expect that most of you have absolutely nothing note worthy to speak of so rumour and speculation probably pass you by, that is a joy of course as to be the subject of idle tittle tattle is a frightful bore. Though for some reason you are all obsessed with gossip, the comings and goings, ins and outs of all the Z-list glitteratti keep you buried in whatever rag you choose to spend your pathetically small wage packets on, though this I expect is just a rather troubling and occasionally sickening extension of concern, a concern that probably originated from the small tribal villages that you all evolved in. There about two hundred people lived in mud huts and language developed to aid the sharing of information and form family bonds that helped your growing species through difficult times thus securing the human race as the most dominant on the planet. As cultures and technologies grew so did your settlements from villages to towns to the Metropolis that I write in now. And so your communities became fractured and splintered beyond recognition and you as individuals felt bereft of your village, so now you create your own virtual villages filled with fictional players you'll never meet.

I suppose that to chat about the famous does distract you from the true meaning of life, something that few of you even consider. Much better to discuss the drunkenness of Amy Winehouse than to actually think about anything significant or profound. So you drift aimlessly through life worrying about who is doing what or wearing what simply to turn your rotting minds away from the existential horror of humanity.

So My Darlings I urge you to focus your dwindling intellects on things of a more serious nature rather than be suffocated by speculation, conjecture and gossip. It really is rather bad form. The astute of you may consider this advice rather ill advised as most of these writings regard that of the well known, though my goal is always to question the motivations of such speculation. My writings are an attempt to nudge your solipsistic minds out of your voluntary comas.

With Love Ms Coco LaVerne x