Monday, 25 February 2008

The Brave Few!

My Darlings! It's clear for all of you to see that I am a ravishing example of glamour and sophistication and as I elegantly drift through your fetid world I weep for you. Your brains have turned to slop and your dreams have gone. Your lives are so mundane and the drudgery so incessant that when a gleaming beacon of elegance passes, it is a violent slap to your morose unstructured faces. I can almost understand your consternation, why can some shimmer so effervescently when most plod through self imposed slumber? I implore the few of you I can reach to celebrate the brave souls who valiantly step out into the streets and challenge the monotony, do not chastise and sneer, as like me they aspire to the extraordinary; embrace those that glisten and twinkle in the inky sludge, draw them to your bosom as they are examples to us all.

Love the breathtakingly beautiful Ms Coco LaVerne x