Thursday, 17 February 2011

News Justin!

My Dearest Darlings, Once again the serpent’s head of your reactionary press has arisen! Justin Bieber has been interviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine, in this interview he appears to have used his words rather clumsily and may have given the impression that he despises abortion and considers homosexuality a life choice rather than a reflection of your inherent desires. After briefly reading the broader context of this interview on-line it seems that some of the journalists that write for sensationalist publications have rather unkindly forced this pubescent into the stocks. This poor little multi-millionaire will no doubt be harangued until his delicate little frame buckles under the stress. The point of course is not whether these are in fact his views but if it is wise to have such a young and impressionable mega star scrutinised whilst he scuttles around the star studded universe to form the opinions that will no doubt influence his millions of little girl fans.
The majority of the interview appears to over flow with rather prurient inquiries into his ‘type’ of girl, with his management proclaiming him to be ‘girl crazy’. This of course is designed to misdirect the reader and his little girl audience from the eternal question facing all new male recruits into the hallowed halls of fame, the salacious question of his burgeoning sexuality, the fact that little Bieber was even asked about his opinions on homosexuality reveals this subtext. The fact that this young man has already launched a cosmetic range selling nail varnish to teenagers and writing frivolous little pop songs may to some, seem rather ‘sissy’ hence the managements inclination to create smoke screens of heterosexual virility for all to see, even if this boy is still just sixteen.
And so begins the creation and subsequent destruction of another personality.

Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne