Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London Fashion the Weak

My Dearest Darlings, it has been far too long since my last post, I of course humbly beg for your forgiveness though I suspect many of you have failed to notice my absence instead you sensed an inexplicable lacunae in your life that remained unchallenged until now, now at last you can read my words of wisdom, which return to fill your life with insight and astuteness. You are at last able to once again bathe in my glory, a glory that alas most of you are still unable to comprehend. It is true that without my awesome ability to explain and reveal the complexities of contemporary culture and the hidden meanings there in, you are left dumb, completely unaware of the drivel that is violently stuffed into your eyes and ears day in, day out.

It is uncharacteristic of me to reveal anything of my biography to you my Dearest Darlings though in this case I shall inform you of one small detail, that may explain this sudden sabbatical, an absence that you no doubt have learned to resent or even fear. I have left a beautiful misty jewel in the north of England, the location that created me, that nurtured my earliest exploits and adventures, a location that still holds dear affection and warmth for this particular glamour puss. Unlike many that depart the birth place of the Industrial revolution I shall not chastise it's weather or colloquial nature, I shall not mock it or compare it harshly with my new location.

Of course perhaps inevitably my new home is the city of London. Yes, London so culturally dominant so greedy of new talent and media attention. Resting at the bottom of the British Isles the population appears to drift towards the capital like settling sediment on the dark sea bed. Like a siren the city seduces those that settle into a reverie of delight and self-congratulation. The survivors of this metropolis emit an arrogance which masks a desperate plight for acceptance, once big fish drifting in small ponds now find themselves minnows in the Atlantic Ocean, swimming maniacally against the currents to find a reef in which to slumber.

Perhaps it is the overrated state of importance of this beautiful city that imbues it's inhabitants with an exaggerated sense of self worth that is at the heart of the malady of Londoners both native and refugee. The ill placed bravado of the population of London however masks the same existential angst that you all suffer, the same insecurities, the same paranoias, the same infantile need to be loved and cherished. Such a large population echoes a monstrous family around a vast dinner table all scream and bicker to get the hearty portion they feel they deserve, each insignificant sibling fearful of neglect: This deluded perception and fear is manifested in many inappropriate and inelegant behaviours; Neanderthal aggression, drunken gluttony, excessive vanity and childish pride all seep from those easily seduced by self-doubt and insecurity.

Luckily for you I am immune to such fripperies I shall remain unflappable, unshaken by the superficial, unmoved by the immoral. I as always will endeavour to communicate my sincerest contemplations on modern culture and hope to reveal the sickening hypocrisies of your world irrespective of location. I am after all interested in the globe and in the tragedy of humanity and it's failure to find contentment in an ever more complex environment. My task to highlight the beautiful and glamorous in a world of putrid decomposing foulness in which most of you continue to exist without even the faintest murmur or complaint.

With Love Ms Coco LaVerne x