Thursday, 2 April 2009

Beauty and the Anarchist

My Dearest Darlings, perhaps the most glamorous couple presently residing on the planet flew into London this week Barack Obama has been attending the G20 summit elegantly accompanied by his fabulously stylish wife Michelle, it almost brings a tear to my own perfectly made up eye to see the power of glamour fully realised in this context. As this uber couple waft from one event to another the sense of excitement is writ large on the faces of all who come into contact with them. Even Gordon Brown looked momentarily handsome in the golden hue of Obama.

Though if the Obamas are the two leads, the thousands of protesters are the chorus line in this epic saga. The Anarchists, The Environmentalists, the Anti-Capitalists all gathered around the banking district of London to publicly show their disdain for the vast array of policies that have so profoundly disenfranchised the powerless. Though as usual the mainstream media have marginalised the few brave enough to attend. I watched avidly as the rolling news feed unfurled yesterday, each outside broadcaster, each cameraman and each photojournalist seemed to focus on the stereotype of the protester. The dirty dread-locked Caucasian is apparently the only version of dissident worthy of mainstream coverage. Many of the loudest and most boisterous of campaigners lurched in front of the camera to make some garbled comment or other, though rare room was given to the articulate commentator of 'alternative' views.

The mainstream would have you believe that all those with 'alternative' views are members of a social tribe that hug trees and juggle in the street. Typical that the mainstream use stereotyping shorthand to tell such a complex story. It is perhaps the tribal signifier of the 'alternative' that choose to turn their back on the high-visibility consumption associated with the glamorous. And it is perhaps this that prevents you from engaging, for to be seen to be engaging with such political viewpoints somehow may taint you with this anti-glamour brush. Many of you aspire to be more than you are though sadly the aspirant you are currently exposed to are more likely to stand up for their right to party than to stand up for any political belief.

Amongst the various versions of reporting the levels of violence seemed to wax and wane like the moon. Footage seems to reveal that the police reacted somewhat violently to the crowds, such is the trend for crowd management sadly, reminiscent of the poll tax riots of the early nineties, the 'rioters' yesterday were hoarded into 'pens' and kept at bay for hours, pushed and shoved like cattle, it is no wonder that these people became restless and angry. Little, as yet has been made of the one man who died yesterday amid the riots, it is suggested that the inhumane 'penning in' of the crowds could in some way be a contributing factor to this man's death though I fear this potential scandal will be lost amongst the perpetual news coverage of the 'main' issue at hand; the G20 summit and it's 'saving' of the financial world. Alas it is really only the mainstream that is able to make icons of the outsider and I dare say they will not be making a martyr out of this singular man in this particular case.

Though the 'main' issue at hand is the promise to battle the crisis in your banks and as I listen to Gordon Brown announcing the communiqué finalised at G20 it seems that the nations that have gathered and cooperated. Brown seems steadfast and solid, sure of the actions in place to stimulate the global economy. The one trillion dollars that have been used as a fiscal stimulus may indeed help the rich and poorer nations recover from this 'difficult time'. As money has been promised to the countries that are struggling in a kind of interest free overdraught. This historical mobilisation of global economies and institutions to help solve this economic crisis is in addition to the fiscal stimuli's already made. Though it appears this maybe throwing good money after bad the lapsed regulation of the banking system is promised to be rectified with the intention of restoring trust. A trust that has so rocked your own little worlds as much as it has rocked the wider global economy. The plans put in place are a suggested initiative that will not be enforced but reviewed at the next G20 summit in the autumn. Those that do not engage with the initiative will be shamed publicly for protectionist agendas. There is of course no quick fix but there is a world wide determination to solve the problem.

Surprisingly Gordon Brown despite my suspicion appears to be talking sense, he represents a motivation to look at the bigger picture, he proclaimed that “this is the day that the world came together”. Is this a new world order? Only time will tell. Though this historic day may signify a change in the way global politics is operated. A new period perhaps of countries working together irrespective of political difference, if the financial woes of the world can be confronted through global cooperation perhaps the imminent climactic catastrophe may stand a chance of being solved. It is heart warming to note that if such large scale problems can be potentially solved through apparent engagement of intelligence and diplomacy then 'smaller' injustices may crumble under the same scrutiny.

Perhaps my naivety on this subject has struck me momentarily dumb though my unusual optimism is perhaps in part due to the emotional and inspiring Michelle Obama who said today looking as elegant as ever: “...There was nothing in my life's path that would have predicted that I would be stood here as the first African American First Lady of the United States of America, I wasn't raised with wealth or resources, I was raised on the south side of Chicago, that's the 'real' Chicago....” This proclamation of achievement by the humble is testimony to what can be achieved by the determined.

Truly a woman to look up to, for you, yours and dare I say myself.

With Love Ms Coco LaVerne x