Monday, 16 March 2009

Screen Idol

My Dearest Darlings, almost all of you are bathed in a warm electronic glow from one screen or another, it began with the silent cinematic shimmer of silver which evolved into a rainbow hue of Technicolor, for this magical experience one would have to journey to your local movie theatre. An audience would gather in hushed tones to witness vast Hollywood narratives unfurl into tales of romance and tragedy. With the rapid advancement of technology huge wooden boxes with tiny glass screens were placed into your living rooms, bringing world events and little dramas right into the heart of the family home, unifying and bonding your dysfunctional families. As the boxes shrank and the screens grew so did the number of television channels, now an array of tastes and interests can be satisfied, all you need do is sit and bathe in the sight and sound of your chosen televisual landscape.

The capacity television has had to punctuate your journey from childhood to adulthood has created a treasured shorthand which reveals the social clique that you aspire or belong to. From brain numbing soap and challenging documentary to the cult serial drama the majority of you are articulate in the language of telly. Over recent years the personal computer has begun to usurp the Television's position in the lounge. Splintering your families into shards of individual screen worship and interaction. Much like the advent of television those 'in the know' have proclaimed the public's use of computer technology as the death nail of social coherence from on-line chat-rooms to the now ubiquitous Facebook the academics and educational elite chastise you for engaging socially through various networking sites.

Colossal PC's have transformed into lightweight laptops, enabling your tactile technological tendencies to touch your actual body, in any room of the house or WiFi enabled location the warmth of your machine gently ruminates through your thighs.You can endlessly ride the information superhighway, as you gently tap on your keyboard miniature vibrations sizzle through you. At home, at work, in your local coffee shop you are all able to interact with your followers, friends and fans.
And yet more innovation as recent advancements and developments have enabled your mobile phones to become personal little vibrating computers. I of course have embraced the world of screen worship as a beautiful version of a screen icon myself I'm only too happy to massage my silky screens. Facebook, Twitter and Blogger is the software that lubricates my hardware from my well worn laptop to my most recent Nokia 5800. With cameras and music players and on-line access your love affair with the screen has developed into a tactile relationship. At last the touch-screen reciprocates responding to your tender touch. You can now caress your mobile screen with gentle fingers, and it obediently supplies access to your on-line TV programs, your photos, your music, your messages and notifications from the ones you love.

Where once you needed to collectively gather in darkened rooms to revel in the golden light of the screen or recline on the sofa in your lounge you now can sashay through the streets to your own personal soundtrack, you're able to capture the occasional visual delight on your device to view or share later. From community to individual experience the doom sayers berate your propensity to sit like sodden lumps with an inanimate conglomeration of metal and plastic apparently seeping into pools of ice-cold isolation. Admittedly it can be easy to become embedded within your on-line world, interacting with endless tittle-tattle and the inanity of strangers, though this is human nature, to gossip and chat about the nonsensical peculiarities of human existence, though most would not be able to explain it in such terms so the educated deem you all as Luddites who should be reading a book instead. It is better apparently to consume knowledge that has been sanctioned by professionals rather than interact with the like minded.

It is the transformation of you from consumer of media to the creators of content that so discombobulates the experts. Like you I am creating my own personal channel of knowledge production, and with this product comes admirers and friends who miraculously are able to interact with my good self and I you. I am able to write these words for you to gaze upon not passively but interactively, you link to me and I to you, fleeting comments and admiration can develop into genuine friendship and camaraderie. Your chosen method of creation and consumption act as conduit from one version of the 'real' to another, your little machines and applications enable relationships to be created and to blossom into real human interactions.

I love you all, virtual, fictitious and hyper real.

Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne X