Monday, 23 February 2009

An Anniversary!

My Dearest Darlings! This fabulously flawless blog has been in existence for a single year, it's hard to believe that time passes so quickly. Over the past three hundred and sixty five days I have endeavored to hold my cultural microscope unflinchingly to whichever breaking news story challenges my divine disposition. My exploration of your cultural landscape often challenges the mainstream media and it's tendency to demean the great and esteem the weak. 

My motivation is to reveal the camouflaged injustice that is disguised by an array of tittle-tattle and gossip mongering. Of course I'd like to thank my loyal followers for their unending support and encouragement, with out you I'm just another sultry voiced vixen waxing lyrically into the night.

As is traditional with a passing anniversary I have been gazing into the mirror and reflecting on my performance, examining my elocution and contemplating my prose. You are now familiar with my occasional harshness though you will know this comes from a deep and profound hope for the potential of humanity. This desire for improvement and my belief in the ability to transform began with my own miraculous metamorphoses into the glamorous being you know and love. My words of encouragement have been acknowledged with various compliments and the odd nomination for this or that award and I have helped inspire the United States to elect the first black President of America, a president who embodies the optimism of a once lost generation, I have offered solutions to solve knife crime, and helped advise Britney Spears through her recent decline and recovery.

The main motivation for my words is to promote the power of glamour and its remarkable ability to infuse the disheartened with new found strength and vitality, though importantly not at the expence of inner wisdom, I believe that true glamour is an outer reflection of internal wisdom and intelligence and it is this that I hope to communicate to you my Dearest Darlings.

One only need look at the news today to see that the pursuit of glamour offers escape and inspiration. Jade Goody became a bride yesterday, struggling with her increasing weakness she was determined to walk down the aisle looking fabulous perhaps for the last time. The fact that she had to do this marrying a questionable man is perhaps a shame though it is the pursuit of mythical glamour that Jade no doubt sort, an example of the ability to look ones best even in the harshest of circumstance being a statement of resistance to a cruel world.

Last night The Academy Awards once again demonstrated their role to enliven the dire lives of the masses. I in my esteemed role as ex-fashion model and glamour-puss Tweeted my opinions live! Twitter is new to me, I am still a little perplexed by it, come and follow Ms Coco LaVerne if you dare! I in my wisdom deemed the style champions Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, together they harked back to the glamour of yesteryear, Angelina looking remarkable in a black gown perfectly accentuated with striking emerald earrings. Sarah-Jessica Parker and Penelope Cruz were amongst those that donned the pearl and cream fairy tale gowns. Heidi Klum demonstrated a trend for scarlet red, her gown with architectural detailing set off with some interesting jewels looked rather fabulous though I felt her hair style failed to flatter. Kate Winslet won an Oscar and looked elegant though I enjoyed her silhouette I found the black lace detailing less pleasing to the eye, her hair was perfectly quaffed held in place with a barely visible hair net which only just managed to avoid dinner lady comparisons. Fashion disasters included Sophia Loren whose butterscotch dress emphasised her teak tan a little too effectively. Natalie Portman looked beautiful though I felt the colour of her gown overwhelmed her delicate frame.

Sadly the gorgeous Alicia Keys looked a little overwhelmed by a similar coloured gown and a hairstyle that owned her rather than she it!

So My Darlings One Year on I aim to displease, disgruntle and dismay with my perplexing mix of fashion comment, style advice and cultural criticism! In the forthcoming year I hope to continue dishing up hearty portions worthy of your vast appetite.

With Love and Thanks Ms Coco LaVerne x