Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Whitehouse Bound?

My Dearest Darlings, The all consuming race to the Whitehouse is beginning to resemble a plot line for a Hollywood political thriller! The two actors below set to play leading roles; Hollywood stalwart Richard Dreyfuss as John McCain and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ star Nia Vardolos simply born to play Sarah Palin, though I sincerely hope the ‘casting couch’ was not in use to select the ex-glamour queen as McCain’s right hand woman. These unlikely running mates uncanny similarity to Hollywood actors I believe is no coincidence.

Sarah Palin’s acrid background and Conservative views predictably disturb my informed disposition as a herald of all that is fair and just in the world. Though I fear her pleasant manner and passable good-looks will dupe the average mall inhabiting American. This ‘hawk in sheep’s clothing’ is a disturbingly effective weapon in the battle for the Whitehouse and though early reaction seems to suggest that the ploy may have backfired, I your humble servant and infinitely wise glamour-puss predict that the ‘Bible-belt’ may again win the war to completely eradicate intelligence from the Whitehouse, as Palin fights back and ‘charms’ the masses with her “oh don’t pick on me, I’m just one of you” defence. The Iconography of the News Anchor Duo and its association with truth will no doubt subconsciously seduce the masses, the poor deluded Americans associate the older man and glamorous younger woman with ‘fact’ as this is the visual trope that tells most of America all they think they need to know of world events. It is the adoption of this iconic double act that will dazzle the vacant and distract the vulgar into voluntary subordination to yet more repugnant Republican rule of the ‘Free-World’.

I pray for all your sakes that I am wrong. The last thing your retched civilisation needs is yet more reactionary wars, ecological neglect and capitalist greed. Alternatively Barak Obama with his youthful good looks and undeniable charm may be hoping to hark back to the glamour and rose-tinted appeal of J.F.K. His left of centre approach appeals more to my own temperament though falls short of the radical transformation your world needs to survive yet more sickening generations of flaccid mouthed bottom feeders. Though who to play Obama in my fictional film? He may be hoping to remind his voters of the warm hearted glow and somewhat presidential allure of Morgan Freeman, or perhaps the cheeky affability of Will Smith though both Hollywood actors are not quite the right age for the role. Jim Biden’s supporting part barely requires casting so far, as his role as political anchor for the Obama campaign has failed to inspire even the faintest of reaction even from my good self.

And here lies the problem. The Republicans have an infinitely broader iconographic library to plunder in their cynical seduction of the American public. Tragically for the U.S, an aging white man with a pretty white younger woman by his side is cultural cat-nip to the masses and is almost impossible to resist in whatever guise. Irrespective of the words transmitted from the mouths of the protagonists this ‘glamorous’ package is unlikely to lose the rush to the Whitehouse. The American public have a rich visual archive of friendly mismatched couples familiar enough for ‘everyone’ to welcome into their humble homes.

For Obama it is a very different tale, for generations Hollywood has perpetuated heinous black stereotypes, from thief to hoodlum to violent rapper film-mongers have starved the world of valued and loved black heroes, drip feeding the desperate for positive role models. The few, conspicuous in their rarity! So in this race to the Whitehouse you are able to witness the construction of a global black Icon, his policies in the main are irrelevant it is the visual iconography of leadership that at this stage is vital.

Perhaps I underestimate the few intelligent Americans who have been crushed for years by the global humiliation of having Bush as their farcical leader. You must hope they come out in their droves to vote for the lesser of the two undeniable evils, though whoever wins; America is too far gone for any sort of salvation.

Love as Always Ms Coco LaVerne x