Friday, 19 September 2008

Charity Begins at Home

My Dearest Darlings, as economies buckle and trillions are lost the wealthy and glamorous are doing their bit for charitable causes. It is at times like these that the enchanted few illuminate the poverty stricken masses with radiant beauty. They hope to give something back to those of you that so unconditionally worship and admire. Yesterday Naomi Campbell and her beautiful friends hosted a charity fashion show during London Fashion Week in aid of The White Ribbon Alliance. Scarlett Johansson recently traveled to Rwanda to raise awareness of HIV in African countries and is currently lending her face to a campaign that encourages the recycling of mobile telephones. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now well known for ‘rescuing’ and adopting babies from ‘deprived’ countries and in California this week Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to support the legalisation of gay marriages.

So why do these radiant satellites lend their over flowing assets to such causes?

If I were being cynical I may suggest that Naomi Campbell is desperately attempting to rescue her faltering reputation, though Scarlett Johansson appears not to require such promotional enhancement, I have no idea why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to be on an curious crusade to save The World. Of Course philanthropy is not a new activity it seems this current ‘high-visibility-giving’ has become something of a craze amongst the Hollywood elite. It certainly does the dazzling do-gooder no harm to be seen doing their bit and may assist in sustaining their individual brand. However be it beautiful feisty vixen, shining starlet or born again Mother Earth the mere fact that these stars are being seen to do good is bound to be beneficial.

These famous constellations are as well known for their prosperity as their stunning good looks. As the stars zoom through urban decay in their limousines they become used to witnessing their enhanced faces emblazoned across bill boards for all to see. They are vividly reminded of their successes as starkly average faces morosely drag their flaccid carcases past the gleaming God-like depictions of their beauty. So as incarnations of ostentatious consumption it is probable that they are driven by existential guilt to spread the wealth of their triumphs. I’d like to believe that their motivations are absolutely sincere, though as ever the wider context sheds light on this phenomenon.

There are undoubtedly a few super rich that secretly donate to worthy causes demanding no praise or admiration, they may not even be that well known, and there may be the massively famous who assuage their guilt with surreptitious charitable giving and perhaps these are the heroes of the piece.

Though this trend has some negative effect on you my poor sweet Darlings, It makes you feel utterly dreadful as you have so very little to spare. If Pitt and Jolie can afford to donate a hundred grand to this or that charity they must be so disgustingly affluent that if you were to know the truth of their riches you’d vomit into to your grubby little hands in revulsion.

The truth is that all of you who spend your pitiful lives in jobs you loathe are giving a percentage of the money you earn to organisations every day. These machines are expected to allocate these plundered funds to the most deserving causes; they are expected to build your schools, maintain your hospitals and clean your streets. Their role amongst others is to protect the meek and provide for the poor. The UK’s yearly income tax bill is an estimated £517 billion; this enforced contribution is a huge amount that you hope is not squandered on fripperies and luxury you hope that it is spent wisely and intelligently. It is your governments that you trust to distribute these vast sums. It is your governments that you should expect to manage the problems that charities are so adept at fixing.

Though society is constructed in such a way that the existence of charities is an essential component of your economic landscape, they plug the gaps that the often ineffectual or corrupt governments cannot and bolster the unfortunate and needy.

Perhaps if the rich were taxed more there would be less need for charity as the honourable governments would have the money they call for. In the meantime your responsibility it is to hold your governments to task for ill managed economics and to be as personally frugal as possible, the vast majority of you are wasteful, despite your meagre means you still buy more than you need and in the main those of you that read these words of wisdom are relatively solvent. I’m certain charity is here to stay as it supplies unfathomable necessities and assuages your own guilt for coping better than those that cannot!

So in conclusion whatever motivation and however prosperous you have a duty to be as generous as you can afford and to help and assist those less fortunate than yourselves.

Much Love Ms Coco LaVerne x