Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Time After Time!

My Darlings, I’ve noticed in your rapid descent to the grave you are attempting to become time travellers. This occurred to me when I noticed a row of dead rat’s tails forlornly wagging on the back of a fumbling fashion blunderer, dreadful looking dreadlocks lain on the back of a women who was attempting to relive the moment when her hair was once long and lustrous, yes, Hair Extensions are the symptom of a generation who have become illiterate in the language of time!

You are all desperately trying to play with it, manage it, speed it up and slow it down; in your teens you’re desperate for it to pass, to come of age, drinking and breeding as if your life depended on it. When you approach your late twenties you are already desperate to stop the first visible signs of aging showing on your faces. In your thirties you’re hoping it doesn’t catch up with you, as your eggs slowly fall away, month after month slowly inevitably ending your productive cycles, forever!

With various advertisements advising you to ‘Defy Time’, ‘turn back time’, ‘prevent time from passing’ it is no wonder you’re frazzled. So what time is it? It is time to understand time. Time is simply a measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of actions and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects. There is no defying it or turning it backwards it is simply lived through. You have already put your time to good use by reading these words, though in your battle with time you forget to take responsibility for living in the moment.

If you make a foolish hairdressing decision and hack off your shining glory, then moments later live to regret it, wait – accept it, don’t embark on an elaborate deception to accelerate the appearance of hair growth. If you are simultaneously wishing for time to pass and time to stand still then it is no wonder you are all so flippant and fickle and unable to live now, perpetually wishing for tomorrow or yesterday is a recipe for temporal disaster.

So with me – breathe in – breathe out - take a moment, own it and relax into now.

Here is some practical advice on the subject of time – Nails! To maintain a perfectly manicured pair of hands it essential in my opinion to keep your nails natural. Shy away from plastic fakery as they weaken your nails in the long term. If you break a nail then be brutal. Cut them all to the same length file and buff and varnish if you must. Always, Always keep your nails at the same length, it is only then that they will remain strong and resilient for all time. Remember unity is strength.

Much Love as Always The Fabulous Ms Coco LaVerne.